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Beginner's Protection

There is beginner's protection in Travian, which means that you cannot be attacked during a minimum time of 5 days (3 day on speed servers) . As a server progresses, the minimum beginner's protection time increased to a maximum of 14 days.

If you choose to do so, you may extend your beginner's protection by 3 days (72 hours).

Please note that your beginner's protection cannot end early by any means. This includes if you extend your beginner's protection. You must wait for your beginner's protection timer to run out to exit beginner's protection.

During beginner's protection you:

  • can not send any troops to other villages (including your own) or to other players (either as an attack, raid, or reinforcement)
  • can not have troops attack or reinforce your village(s) from other players or villages
  • can not send resources to other players or villages (including your own)
  • can trade resources in the marketplace if they are 1:1 (you are sending the same number of resources you are receiving)
  • can attack/raid Natar villages and unoccupied oases

Information about your beginner's protection is stated in an automatic message you get from support when activating.

You can calculate the exact time of your beginner's protection by taking the square root of the running time of the world up to the point when you registered your account.
Meaning: √(running_time_of_server_when_you_registered) with a minimum of 3 (1 on speed servers) and a maximum of 14 (3 on speed servers).

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