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Artifact Lore

Whispered rumours echo throughout the villages, pertaining legends told only by the best of storytellers. They concern the Natars, Travian’s most fearsome warriors. It is every hero’s dream to slay them, every soldier’s goal. No one knows how the Natars grew to be so powerful, their soldiers so fearsome. Determined to discover the source of their power, an elite group of scouts is sent out to spy on them.  They return a few hours later with terrified faces and wild theories: it seems the Natars’ power comes from mysterious items they call artifacts, which they had stolen from your ancestors. Manage to steal the artifacts, they say, and you can steal their power.

The time has come to reclaim the artifacts. Conspire with your alliance and assemble your warriors to retrieve these coveted objects. However, the Natars will not give the artifacts up without a fight… and neither shall your enemies. If you can manage to successfully repossess the artifacts and fend off your enemies, then you will be able to reap the rewards. Your buildings shall become incredibly strong and powerful, your troops much faster and more wheat-efficient. Seize the artifacts, bring glory to your empire, and become the new legends for your successors.

What are Artifacts?

Artifacts are special items belonging to the Natarian race. Anyone strong and brave enough to challenge the Natars may steal one of these artifacts and use its powers for their own benefit.

Each artifact has a different bonus that can be granted to the holder's entire account, or to the specific village holding the artifact. Such bonuses include stronger buildings, reduced troop training time, as well as reduce wheat consumption of troops, just to name a few. The specific bonuses are described later in this Answer post.

There are 3 kinds of artifacts available in Travian:

  • Village artifacts - provides bonus to the village holding the artifact
  • Account artifacts - provides bonus to the entire account
  • Unique artifacts - provides bonus to the entire account

The biggest difference between the three types of artifacts are their scope and the strength of their bonus.

The area of effect of an artifact is considered its scope. Artifacts can either have a village scope, meaning it effects only the village holding the artifact, or an account scope, meaning it effects the entire account.

Village artifacts provide a large effect to the village they are located in. Account artifacts provide a small bonus to all villages of the account. Unique artifacts provide a large bonus to all villages of an account.

How do you capture an artifact?

When artifacts first appear on the server they will be controlled by the Natars. The artifacts will be inactive until they have been captured by a player**. Artifacts can also be captured from other players that are in possession of an artifact.

To steal an artifact you must attack (not raid) the village that holds the artifact****. You must send a normal attack that contains your hero. In order to take the artifact you must win the battle AND your hero must surive the attack. Additionally, you must also destroy the treasure chamber in that village before the artifact can be stolen. 

Most importantly, when stealing an artifact, you MUST have an empty treasury built in the village the Hero is attacking from. The treasure chamber must be of the appropriate level, or higher, for the artifact you wish to steal. All small artifacts require a treasure chamber of at least level 10. Large and unique artifacts require a treasure chamber level 20. If your treasure chamber is not of the appropriate level you cannot steal the artifact, regardless of whether or not the hero survives. For example, if you have a level 10 Treasury and you attack a level 20 artifact, even if your hero survives you will not conquer the artifact. However if you have a level 20 treasury and attack a level 10 artifact and the hero survives then the artifact will be in your treasury.  Please note that each treasure chamber can only hold one of any type of artifact, regardless of what kind of artifact it is.

Lastly, artifacts are heavily defended by the Natars, as well as by players holding an artifact. It is a good idea to use the combat simulator at the rally point to work out how many troops and catapults you will need to destroy the treasure chamber and successfully steal an artifact.

**If an artifact is not captured from the Natars within a month of the artifacts arriving on the server, the artifact will become active with the associated benefits being applied to that Natarian village / account as appropriate.

****Alternatively, artifacts may be stolen by chiefing the village that they are contained in. By chiefing the village you will have control of the artifact, but you must wait the appropriate activation time before you may use the artifact.

Additional Artifact Information

Artifacts are released on day 100 of a regular speed server, and day 34 of a 3x speed server. Once conquering an artifact the artifact will become active 24 hours after stealing the artifact on a regular speed server, 12 hours on a 3x speed servers. This activation time is also required when chiefing a village from yourself or another player that contains an artifact.

At any one time each player is only allowed to use a maximum of three artifacts, of which only one can be account scope. Players may however hold more than 3 artifacts, but only the 3 oldest artifacts will be used. To hold more than 3 artifacts, additional artifacts must be captured by chiefing the village in which the desired new artifact is located. To capture a second unique or account scope artifact, this chiefing method must be used, as the standard limit is one unique/account and two village artifacts per account. This also applies to the small Fools artifacts, as all of these artifacts may have an account scope.

Any village artifacts will overwrite the bonus of account or unique artifacts of the same type for the village they are in effect for. For example, if you have a village artifact that grants 2x bonus for troop production, and an account artifact that grants a 1.5x bonus for troop production, the bonus from the village artifact will be applied in the village that artifact is contained within.

Artifact Effects

There are many different artifacts with a range of effects. The different artifact effects, artifact names, adn additional information are as follows:

Stronger Buildings

Stronger buildings

The buildings are more durable against attacks by catapults and rams. Does not count for the Wonder of the World, but the account wide and unique type count for all other buildings in the Wonder of the World village.

  • Village wide (Diamond Chisel) – 4 times as durable
  • Account wide (Giant Marble Hammer) – 3 times as durable
  • Unique (Hemon's Scrolls) – 5 times as durable

Faster Troops

Faster troops

The troops travel faster.

  • Village wide (Opal Horseshoe) – 2 times faster
  • Account wide (Golden Chariot) – 1.5 times faster
  • Unique (Pheidippides' Sandals) – 2 times faster

Stronger Scouts

Better spies

The Scouts, Equites Legati and Pathfinders are better at spying, and defending against spy attacks. All scouts in the village/account as well as all scouts sent for spying from this village/account are affected. However, scouts deployed as reinforcements to villages not covered by the artifact are not affected. Additionally, you can see the type of troops attacking you at your rally point, but not the amount of troops.

  • Village wide (Tale of a Rat) – 5 times as effective
  • Account wide (General's Letter) – 3 times as effective
  • Unique (Diary of Sun Tzu) – 10 times as effective

Reduced Wheat Consumption

Less hungry troops

The troops consume less crop.

  • Village wide (Silver Platter) – 50% reduction in crop consumption
  • Account wide (Sacred Hunting Bow) – 25% reduction in crop consumption
  • Unique (King Arthur's Chalice) – 50% reduction in crop consumption

Faster Troop Training

Faster troop training

The troops are trained faster.

  • Village wide (Scribed Soldier's Oath) – 50% reduction in training time
  • Account wide (Declaration of War) – 25% reduction in training time
  • Unique (Memoirs of Alexander the Great) – 50% reduction in training time

Great Granary and Great Warehouse Plans

Great warehouse or great granary plan

Grants ability to build great warehouse (GW) or great granary (GG). In order to build a GG or GW, you must have an open building slot in your village center.

  • Village wide (Builder's Sketch)
  • Account wide (Babylonian Tablet)

Better Crannies and Random Catapult Aiming

Cranny + random aim

Artifact raises cranny capacity and additionally causes enemy catapult attacks to fire randomly. World Wonder can always be targeted and hit.

  • Village wide (Map of the Hidden Caverns) – Cranny capacity increased by 200%. Treasury can be targeted and hit.
  • Account wide (Bottomless Satchel) – Cranny capacity increased by 100%. Treasury can be targeted and hit.
  • Unique (Trojan Horse) – Cranny capacity increased by 500%.

Pendant of Mischief (Fool's Artifact)

Artefact of the fool

This artifact changes its effect every 24 hours, and can get any of the effects of other artifacts (except building plans for World Wonders, Great Granaries, and Great Warehouses). The effect scope (village or account) is randomly decided every 24 hours. Additionally, the magnitude of the effect is random (such as a 2x effect, 1.5x effect, 0.5x effect, etc.).

Small artifacts of this type may also get negative effects. For example, troops might move slower, or they might consume more food. Unique artifact of this type may only get positive effects. For both types of artifacts the magnitude of the effect is still random. 

  • Small (Pendant of Mischief) – positive and negative effects are possible.
  • Unique (Forbidden Manuscript) – Only positive effects are possible.

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