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World Wonder

Wonder of the World 

Prerequisites: limited to Natarian World Wonder villages

What is a World Wonder?

The World Wonder (otherwise known as a Wonder of the World) is as wonderful as it sounds. This “building” is built in order to win the server. Each level of the World Wonder costs hundreds of thousands (even millions) of resources to build. For specifics on build times and costs look below. As you can see by the building costs, a single player could not build a World Wonder on his own. In addition, it is very unlikely that a single alliance would be able to complete a World Wonder. The reason for this is not only the amount of resources needed, but the number of troops needed to defend the village.

World Wonder Villages

In T4, the Natars are present in the game from the very beginning. They will originally occupy the gray area in the center of the map, but they can expand their empire. Notably, the deleted villages of other players will convert into Natarian villages, so they can also inhabit territories outside of the gray area. However, out of all these villages, only 13 are World Wonder villages. The World Wonder villages are located across the gray area at the center of the map, as well as throughout the map. The Natarian capital will always spawn at 0|0 coordinates. Any of the WW villages can be conquered and subsequently used to construct the fabled World Wonder.

Additional WW village information

None of the 13 Natar WW villages have walls or residences/palaces. This is extremely important to note if you plan on conquering a Natar village. Great time and resources can potentially be lost if catapults are sent to WW villages with the intention of destroying a residence/palace.

Gold cannot be used in this village for anything whatsoever. No NPC, and no insta-build. However, two WW levels can be queued at any given time. This is EXTREMELY important at the end of the game. If catapults are targeting GW's when the WW has reached level 98, they won't do any significant damage to the Wonder since levels 99 and 100 will already be queued. 

Also, the WW can be named when it reaches level 1. There have been some epic WW names and some really crappy ones, so choose wisely. The name cannot be changed anymore after WW reaches level 11.

WW villages do not produce any culture points. So if a player conquers a ww village, that village will not produce any culture points, regardless of the buildings the player may build.

The construction times in the Natarian villages are half that of a normal village.

Natar Plan Villages (Natarian Oases)

Natar plan villages, also known as Natarian Oases, are the villages that house the World Wonder Building Plans. These villages (they are villages, not oases) spawn 200 days after the start of the server (for a 1x speed server). The plan villages spawn randomly but each quad receives a certain minimum number of these villages for fairness.
You can take over a construction plan in the same way you can take over artefacts from the Natars or later also from other players.

An announcement will be made to the entire server upon login that the Natar plans have spawned on the server.

Why WW building plans are IMPORTANT

WW plans are extremely important. In order to begin building a WW in a WW village, the player who owns the WW village must first have a WW building plan. A single building plan will allow the owner of a WW village to build the WW all the way from level 0 to level 49. However, in order for the player to build the WW past level 49 through level 100, another player inside the WW holder's immediate alliance MUST own a second WW plan. This can be ANY other player inside the alliance.

How to obtain a WW plan from the Natars OR another player that already has them

In order to “steal” a WW plan from either a Natar building plan village, or another player a simple formula must be followed:

  • 1. The player who is going to take the plans MUST have a level 10 Treasury in the village they are attacking out of.
  • 2. The Treasury of the village the plans are being held in (either held by the Natars or another player) MUST be destroyed before the plans can be taken.
  • 3. A Hero sent from the village with the level 10 Treasury must survive the attack after the enemy Treasury is destroyed, because only a Hero can carry a WW plan.

This can be done at anytime and in any logical order. One person could clear the enemy plan village, a second person could destroy the enemy TC, a third person could send a hero from a village with a level 10 TC and take the plans. Or, one person could do it all.


The level dependent attributes (such as construction costs and generated culture points) can be found here.

For the full table of construction times click this link for server with 1x speed and this link for server with 3x speed. 

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