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06. Send away troops before an attack

The evasion is a free feature of the Goldclub. You can only set evasion for your capital.


The troops will leave at the moment of the attack and return 180 seconds after. The troops will only evade if there are NO troops returning home within 10 seconds prior to the attack, with the exception of troops returning from the use of this option. This feature will enable all troops trained in the village to evade, but reinforcing troops will NOT evade.  

Please note: If there are troops returning home within 10 seconds prior to the attack, NO troops will evade, not even troops that were in the village and not part of the returning troops.  

Destruction of the rally point will not inhibit the use of this feature.

To activate this feature you have to click your rally point. At the point “Gold club” you find the option “Evasion settings”. You can mark the checkbox in front of "activate troop evasion for your capital". Finally you can click “save” to save the settings. With this feature only troops trained in this village but NO reinforcements will evade, and either all of the troops trained in the village will evade, or if there is an attack within 10 seconds of returning troops, none will.

This feature will override any hero evasion setting - if the troops evade, the hero will as well.

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