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Can I transfer my (remaining) Gold?

You can only transfer Gold if you have purchased Gold at least once. The following Gold is NOT transferable at all:

  • free startup/task or other free Gold gifted by Travian
  • Silver converted to Gold
  • earned Gold

To avoid troubles and confusion for you, the Gold mentioned above is used first.
This means that in case you received 35 free Gold, bought 100 Gold and spent 50 of it all, you would be able to transfer 85 Gold after deleting your account because the gifted Gold will be spent first.
On the other hand if you received 35 free Gold, bought 30 Gold and spent 30 of your Gold,  after deleting your account you would be able to transfer only the 30 Gold that you bought.

After deleting your account (this means, once you can no longer access it), you'll receive an email with instructions and a transfer link. The link will be sent to the address given by you during account registration - so, it will be sent to the email address the account is registered to. Please keep in mind that Gold is only transferable between servers of the same country / extension (same domain, e.g. ".com"). We are unable to assist you with transferring Gold to different regions / extensions.

We're sorry, but silver cannot be transferred from one server to another. 

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