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Free Wheat

In past players could maneuver their villages into a dead end wheat supply situation. Reasons for that usually were:

  • hero resource production ended because the hero died or was reskilled
  • +25% wheat bonus ended
  • destruction of wheat fields, flour mill and/or bakery

In order to keep the following sentences short, let's call "the wheat production available to build or upgrade a building or resource field" .. well, let's call it "free wheat."

  • Free wheat equals the production of wheat fields including bonuses of flour mill and bakery reduced by the number of inhabitants of the village. So neither the hero's production nor the gold feature influence the free wheat. The amount of free wheat can be seen at the top banner, right after the resource amounts.
  • To build or upgrade a building or resource field, it is only possible if this would not drop the free wheat below 1 wheat per hour.
  • Destroying the flour mill or bakery via main building is only possible if this would not drop the free wheat below 1 wheat per hour. A running destruction order of these buildings already decreases the free wheat.
  • Upgrading a wheat field always increases the free wheat; that is why it may always be built.
  • Flour mill and Bakery may be build/upgraded if they would increase free wheat.
  • Main Building level 1 may be built always.
  • If 6 wheat fields are level 5 and the amount of free wheat is less than 0, then the main building, warehouse and granary may be built/upgraded to level 10.
  • The hero has a basic crop production of 6 wheat per hour no matter how the skill points are set. This basic production follows the same rules as the usual hero resource production. So it's added to the production of the village that the hero belongs to, but it does not increase the free wheat.
  • This way the hero cannot (easily) starve anymore at home, since he supplies himself and since he is the last unit that starves.  However, it is still possible for the hero to starve in a wheat-locked village.
  • A dead hero still produces 6 wheat per hour.
  • When a hero is revived then his resource production starts at same time as his wheat consumption.
  • World Wonders are excluded and may always be upgraded
  • Oasis resource production boost counts towards free wheat

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