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Revised Hero system

Special Hero ability depending on tribe
Create the look of the hero

Special hero ability depending on tribe

  • Roman: The hero skill “Strength” increases by 100 points instead of 80 points for each skill point added
  • Gaul: +5 Speed if mounted
  • Teuton: 20% “cranny dip” (also known as “plunder bonus”) for all units attacking with the hero


There will be 2 types of items: armour/weapon and equipment

  • Armour/Weapon
    There will be 35 different armour/weapon item types. Each of those will have 3 levels of quality. The higher the quality the more bonus given. You cannot improve the quality of the items, but you can find and trade in items of all quality levels.
  • Equipment
    A hero can use one equipment item. Those items can be stacked in the inventory if you find more than one. So they will only use one inventory slot per type. Equipment items are more common than armour and weapon items. If a player uses such an item, the item will be consumed and will vanish.


You can send your hero to an adventure located on the map. Once it has arrived, the hero will explore that spot on the map and return to your village automatically if it survives. There are several things a hero is able to find when encountering an adventure.
There are several things a hero is able to find when encountering an adventure:

  • Nothing (except damage and experience)
  • Armour/Weapon (any level of quality possible)
  • Equipment
  • Silver
  • Resources
  • Scattered troops

Create the look of the hero

You are able to change the following parts of a hero:

  • Head shape
  • Hairstyle
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Beard
  • Mouth


  • Experience requirement for level up reduced by 50%
  • Hero available right from the start
  • New hero skill: "resources"
  • Hero skill "regeneration" cannot be increased during level ups
  • Hero skills "offensive strength" and "defensive strength" merged to the new skill "fighting strength"

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