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How can I earn Gold?

As some of you may be aware there has been a way for some time to earn gold in the game by inviting friends to play the game. So anyway, here's a quick explanation of how to do it and where everything is. 

What can I earn?

Currently for every person you invite who achieves a 2nd village you will receive a payment of 50 Gold to spend on any of the ingame Gold advantages, there are no catches except that the gold cannot be transferred if you delete or the server ends.

How can I do It?

Well first of all you need to check out your own "Earn Gold" page, this can be found by going to Travian Plus then pressing the "Earn Gold" page, if you have found the right page it should look very similar to this:


Then you can copy and paste your own personal invitation link and send it to your friends, post it in your signatures on messages boards or spread it around in anyway you’d like. There also is another option, you may send an email direct from that Travian page by pressing the green button saying "Invite by e-mail", which will give you a page looking like this:


Then simply insert up to six email address which you would like to send the email to, add a personalised message if you wish and then simply press the "send invitations" button to invite them. Once someone who has either clicked on your link or joined via email has activated their account they should appear in your personal version of this table on the "Earn Gold" page.


The number of people who you can share your link with is unlimited and as far as we’ve been told so is the amount of Gold you can earn.

After the person you've invited has founded his second village, you will be able to get your reward by opening the "Earn Gold" page again. Rewards that have not been claimed will wait for you to claim them at the "Earn Gold" page.

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