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Change password

You can change your password by entering both your old password and your desired new password.


Change email

You can change your email by entering both your old email and your desired new email.


You will then receive a verification code at both email addresses which you have to enter in the respective fields in order to complete the change. If you want to cancel the progress, click the red X.


Now you will receive two emails. One to your old email address including a code:


And one to your new email address including a code:


Now you have to sign in the codes you received in the two emails mentioned above at the same time and press save on the bottom of the page:


If the changing was successful the following message will appear:


When transferring ownership of an account, it is recommended you change the email.

Sitter for this account

Here you can set up to two other accounts who can log on to your account in order to cover periods of absence. You can also see which accounts have set you as their sitter.

In order to give you some control about the actions of your sitters the following sitter right settings were implemented:

  • Send raids
  • Send reinforcements to other players
  • Send resources to other players
  • Buy and spend Gold as well as exchange Silver. Please take good care if you grant your sitter the right to spend your gold. There will be no compensation from us if your sitter abuses their rights and spends the gold on things you don't want. So only allow this if you can really trust the person.
  • Read and send messages
  • Delete and archive messages and reports

Sitters are NEVER able to do the following things:

  • Send normal attacks
  • Change the player profile and the account settings of the sittee
  • Use the alliance options of the sittee (note: they are able to read the alliance profile including incoming and outgoing attacks or the Travian internal alliance forum)
  • Cancel the deletion process
  • Tear down buildings in the main building.
  • Sell or buy something in auctions 

Sitter at other account

You are set as the sitter for the accounts named here. You can remove yourself as sitter by clicking on the del.png.

Furthermore you are able to see which rights you have on the accounts you sit for.


Delete account

If you wish to delete your account, you must select the "Yes" option, as well as enter your password to confirm. A 72 hour countdown will begin. Please be aware that a deleted account cannot be restored.


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