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Prerequisites: none

The moment you create an account you will receive an hero. 

The hero can be sent as a reinforcement to other villages like every other unit. However if you wish to change the hero's home village to another village you own, you will need to check the box that says "Change hero home village" when you send him as a reinforcement.  The new home village must have a rally point.  If you are successful in changing your hero's home village, you will get a confirmation message to that effect.

Depending on your selected Travian tribe, a hero will gain one special tribe ability. Those special abilities can not be upgraded by the player:

  • Roman tribe:
    The hero skill “strength” increases by 100 points instead of 80 points for each skill point added.
  • Gaul tribe:
    +5 Speed if mounted
  • Teuton tribe:
    20 % “Cranny dip” (also known as “Plunder bonus”) for all units attacking/raiding with the hero.
  • Hun tribe (Fire and Sand version only):
    The hero of the huns has a +3 fields/hour speed bonus when travelling with only cavalry units.
  • Eqyptian tribe (Fire and Sand version only):
    The hero has a 2x hero resource production bonus.

When a hero is created he has 4 skill points that are set to his resource production. Ability levels can be increased up to level 100. Each time a hero gains a level he earns 4 additional ability points that can be used to increase his 4 ability levels.

  • Fighting strength:

    Points put into this ability increase the attack and defence value of the hero. Please note that your hero counts as cavalry in case he is equipped with a horse and as infantry in case he is not equipped with a horse.

  • Off bonus:

    Points put into this ability increase the attack value of the whole army by 0.2% per point (maximum of 20%). This bonus only applies if the hero is attacking with the army.

  • Def bonus:

    Points put into this ability increase the defense value of the whole army by 0.2% per point (maximum of 20%) This bonus only applies if the hero is defending with the army. Other defending troops not under your control will remain unaffected by this bonus.

  • Resources:

    Points put into this ability increase the resource output of the village where the Hero is located. You can opt to increase production of one resource only or to evenly spread the bonus across all resources. It still remains one skill. You can freely change that setting.

After upgrading a hero's mansion to level 10, you can use your hero to occupy oases in your surroundings. At building level 10 one oasis can be occupied, at level 15 two and with a hero's mansion level 20 three. The oases you want to occupy have to be within the 7x7 square around your village (please note that your village has to be in the middle of the 7x7 square). 

The example below marks "your" village in black and the oases you are theoretically able to conquer in red. Hint: You can only have 3 oases per village.

Conquerable oases

Conquering player owned oases is possible, too. You need to have at least one open slot in your hero's mansion. Player owned oases can only be conquered using a normal attack. Remember that you have to send your hero along or you cannot conquer the oasis. If the village you are attacking already owns three oases at the time of your attacks the first successful attack will lower the oasis' loyalty from 100% to 0% making it yours. If it already owns two, the attacks only lower the loyalty by 60% and if it already owns one the loyalty will decrease by only 40% in a successful attack.

Troops with higher fighting strength values are, of course, better and stronger than troops with lower fighting strength values. The reviving costs of the stronger troops are higher than those of the inferior troops, though. Players can own one hero and every time he dies the player may revive him.

Hero creator


Level Kills   Level Kills   Level Kills   Level Kills   Level Kills
0. 0   20. 10500   40. 41000
  60. 91500
  80. 162000
1. 50   21. 11550   41. 43050   61. 94550
  81. 166050
2. 150   22. 12650   42. 45150   62. 97650
  82. 170150
3. 300   23. 13800   43. 47300   63. 100800
  83. 174300
4. 500   24. 15000   44. 49500   64. 104000
  84. 178500
5. 750   25. 16250   45. 51750   65. 107250
  85. 182750
6. 1050   26. 17550   46. 54050   66. 110550
  86. 187050
7. 1400   27. 18900   47. 56400   67. 113900
  87. 191400
8. 1800   28. 20300   48. 58800   68. 117300
  88. 195800
9. 2250   29. 21750   49. 61250   69. 120750
  89. 200250
10. 2750   30. 23250   50. 63750   70. 124250
  90. 204750
11. 3300   31. 24800   51. 66300   71. 127800
  91. 209300
12. 3900   32. 26400   52. 68900   72. 131400
  92. 213900
13. 4550   33. 28050   53. 71550   73. 135050
  93. 218550
14. 5250   34. 29750   54. 74250   74. 138750
  94. 223250
15. 6000   35. 31500   55. 77000   75. 142500
  95. 228000
16. 6800   36. 33300   56. 79800   76. 146300
  96. 232800
17. 7650   37. 35150   57. 82650   77. 150150
  97. 237650
18. 8550   38. 37050   58. 85500   78. 154050
  98. 242550
19. 9500   39. 39000   59. 88500   79. 158000
  99. 247500

FAQ and further information

How much can a hero carry?
- A hero can carry nothing at all.

Do heroes show up in battle reports?
- Yes, they do.

Can I see the skills of a hero in the battle report?
- No, this is impossible.

What is the maximum level of a skill?
- The maximum level is 100 per skill.

Is it possible to defend one village with multiple heroes?
- Yes, but the defence bonus only applies to troops of the player who owns the hero giving the bonus.

When does a hero lose hit points?
- Almost every time you attack someone as the base defence (palace + wall) is enough to inflict at least some damage.

Can a hero be used as sole defender or attacker in a combat?
- Yes, but this is not advised as a hero will die if he receives more than 90 damage (or loses more than 90 hit points) in a single battle.

How is the experience of a hero calculated?
- Each opposing dead soldier (experience/exp = upkeep of the dead soldier) in a battle where a hero took part is added as experience. See the table above for a clear listing how much experience/kills you need to gain another level.

Does a hero get experience when he dies in a battle?
- Yes, he does.

How is the experience divided when there are several defending heroes?
- It is divided evenly between the heroes.
Example: If there are 3 heroes, each one would get 1/3 of the experience.

Does a hero get improved by upgrades done in the smithy?
- No, they do not influence a hero at all, regardless of when the upgrade has been done.

When can I start occupying oases? 
- You need a hero's mansion level 10, 15 or 20 for each oasis you want to occupy.

How many heroes can you have at a time?
- Each player can only have one hero. If this hero dies, the player will have the option to revive it. 

Can I move my hero to another village of mine and use him from there to attack?
- Yes, as long as the village you move him to has a rally point.  Important! When you send your hero to his new village, you must check the box that reads "Change hero home village" before sending your hero on his way.

What happens to the skills and experience when I revive a hero?
- Apart from the hero having 100% hit points again, he will be the same as before he was killed, he'll lose neither skills nor experience.

Hero regeneration rate
- It is 10 per day by default. It can be enhanced by items though.

Do I still get the items if my hero dies on an adventure?
- No.

Where can I change my hero settings?
- In the upper left corner, you see the picture of your hero. If you click on it a page with the hero attributes opens.
There you can change your hero settings like the resource production.  Also on that page, you can make use of a Book of Wisdom, if you have one in your inventory.  The Book of Wisdom allows you to reset the points allotted to each hero attribute such as fighting strength or resources.

What kind of unit is the hero treated as? Cavalry or infantry?
- The hero count as cavalry in case he is equipped with a horse and as infantry in case he is not equipped with a horse.

Do I lose my items if my hero dies?
- No.

Am I able to name my hero?
- No.

How can I revive my hero?
- If your hero died, just open your hero settings. There you have the possibility to revive him - all you need is enough resources to do so. It can also be revived using a bucket.

Please note that you can only revive your hero in a village with a rally point. In case you do not have a rally point in the village you try to revive your hero in, the hero will be revived in his former home village.

Please note that the bucket can only be used once every 24 hours on a 1x speed server, and once only 12 hours on a 3x speed server. The exact time can be found be using this formula:

(24 hours / (RoundDown (Speed/3) + 1))))

Does a hero's fighting strength count for both offense and defense?
- Yes.

What does "Your hero will not defend the village he currently belongs to." in my hero's settings mean?
- This means that he will not participate in the defence of the village that he is currently at. However, if you've sent your hero as a reinforcement to another player's village or your own village which isn't his home village, he will defend it even though the function is enabled.

What is the resurrection/revival time for my hero?
- (level+1) hours, maximum 24 hours

My hero always dies. What can I do?
- You need to level him in fighting strength to avoid this.

Can the items like ointment be stolen from my hero?
- No.

Is there any way to trade or send items between players or inside the alliance?
- No.

What do I need to control my hero from another village?
- Your own hero can be controlled from the village if a rally point level 1 is built and your hero has been sent as a reinforcement to that village with the "Change hero home village" option checked.

What if I have the gold club evasion set and the hero's home is in the capital?  Will he evade or defend an attack?
- The gold club evasion overrides any hero evasion setting. If your troops flee, so will your hero.

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