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Earth Wall (Teutons)

Earth Wall 

Prerequisites: limited to Teutons

By building an earth wall you can protect your village against the barbarian hordes of your enemies. A higher level earth wall will give your troops a higher defence bonus. The earth wall can only be built by Teutons and gives low defence bonuses but is extremely hard to destroy.
The bonus given to your troops by this wall as a percentage is (1.02^level)*100, and a list of how many rams are needed to completely destroy a wall of a certain level is below.

The basic defensive value for a village will increase by 6 defensive points per level.

The earth wall can only be built on the brown rim of your village next to the moat.

The level dependent attributes (such as construction costs and generated culture points) can be found here.
For the full table of construction times click this link for server with 1x speed and this link for server with 3x speed.

The table below shows you how many rams are needed to destroy the wall. The rams listed have to survive the battle.

Wall level Rams needed
1 1
2 4
3 8
4 13
5 19
6 27
7 36
8 46
9 57
10 69
11 83
12 98
13 114
14 132
15 151
16 171
17 192
18 214
19 238
20 263

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