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RoA Feature - Distribution of Defense Points

Short description:

The defense points were granted to the defending village owner, even if all of the defending units were reinforcements from other players. This has been changed so that the defense points are split among all defenders based on the crop supply of the defending units that took part in village defense.

The calculation of defense points is shown in the example below:



Crop supply

Defense points before

Defense points now

Player A (attacker)

1,200 clubswingers




Player B (defender – village owner)

1,000 phalanxes

1*1,000 = 1,000


300 (25 %)

Player C (reinforcement 1)

1,000 phalanxes

1*1,000 = 1,000


300 (25 %)

Player D (reinforcement 2)



2*1,000 = 2,000


600 (50 %)

As you can see, the player who reinforced the village with 1,000 paladins will get more defense points. In general, this means that active defenders who often reinforce other players will gain more recognition for their efforts and will also have the chance to ascend to the top of the rankings.

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