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Destroying a village

You can use catapults and rams to completely demolish a village by reducing the population of that village to zero (also sometimes called zero-popping a village).  Most buildings and fields have population associated with them; notable exceptions are wheat fields, walls, and crannies that are level 5 or lower.  By using catapults to demolish all of the buildings and fields and reducing their populations to zero (and possibly rams to remove a wall), you can remove a village from the map.  

Please note that it is possible to detroy/zero-pop a village even if there are structures/fields remaining such as the afore-mentioned exceptions; because those low-level wheat fields, crannies, and walls do not contribute to a village's population, if everything else has been reduced to zero population, the village will still be destroyed because it doesn't have any population.

However, there are some exceptions that will prevent a village with zero population from being completely destroyed and removed from the map.  They are as follows:

  • When it is the last village of an account
  • When there is an unconquered artifact remaining in the village
  • When it is a World Wonder village
  • When the account only has one other village, and that village is a World Wonder village (an account cannot have a World Wonder as its only village)

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