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Event jam

You may recognize an event jam by its common indicator - when construction times and troop arrival times are shown as 0:00:00?. If you’ve played TRAVIAN for a while, you are bound to have faced an event jam at one point or another. An event jam occurs because of a technical difficulty within one of the servers; when a server slows down for some reason, or if it is overloaded with information, events such as attacks, constructions and other similar happenings typical for a TRAVIAN game world can be lined up but not executed, resulting in the server being stuck or jammed. There is not much a player can do about it except to wait it out – in cases of an event jam, rest assured that the Team and TechSupport are working on correcting it as soon as possible.

In case of an event jam scenario, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not try refreshing the page every few seconds – it will not resolve the event jam. If anything, it will only make our job of fixing it harder.
  • Do not cancel any of your ongoing events like constructions, since the resources then will be irrevocably lost.
  • Try not to line up any new events until the current event jam is over. Even if you do try to send your troops or construct a building, they will end up being stuck just like the previous events and cause an even bigger jam.
  • Please be patient; the problem will be fixed as soon as possible. There is no need to message members of the Staff every few minutes asking them when the event jam will be over.
  • In cases of a server rollback as a result of an event jam, bear in mind that everyone has suffered some sort of loss, since the server would have been reverted to a previous point in time. Since this is the case, do not expect a reimbursement in the form of resources or troops, since every player on the server has suffered as well.

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