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If you need to contact a member of the Staff, be it to ask the Support some question related to in-game mechanics or to communicate with the Multihunter because of rule violations, all you need to do is click on the little black book in the left corner of your screen. Click on Contact In-game Support. Then you need to select a category which best fits what you have to ask. After that, just type out your message and send it, after which a member of the Staff will reply. Remember: both Supporters and Multihunters have an allotted time frame of 24 hours to answer your response, so be patient. There is also a second tab there – this tab will lead you to where you can send messages to the Plus Support. The Plus Support deals with Plus account and Gold issues. Remember: Multihunters and Supporters do not deal with payment and Gold problems, so if you need help in that area, you have to contact the Plus Support.

 As always, Supporters and Multihunters can also be reached via IGM.

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