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There is no longer a “Plunder bonus” for the Teuton tribe. Teuton troops will no longer be able to raid 20% of the opposing player’s cranny whilst attacking.

All Wonder of the World villages located on the map right from the start.

Natarian villages containing an artefact.

Unlike Wonder of the World villages, Natarian villages containing an artefact are not located on the map right from the start of the server. The villages will spawn randomly after several month.

Settling in the grey area is dangerous. The Natarian tribe will launch several attacking waves with catapults in an attempt to destroy the new village. If your village survives those attacks, no further attacks will follow.

Villages located in the Natarian area do not produce culture points.

Some new and revised tasks.

Settlers get their building cost reduced by roughly 20%. New costs are:

Every alliance can set up to 3 confederacies and 3 non-aggression pacts.

The usability of alliance management for the alliance leaders is improved. They can see and edit which alliance member have which rights all from one page. The alliance news page can be browsed to see older news too. Some additional news has been added to the alliance news.

There is a new currency "Silver". You need Silver to place a bid which you are able to gain from auctions (own item sold to another player), find Silver in an adventure, task from the taskmaster or changing 1 Gold for 100 Silver. You are also able to convert 200 Silver into 1 Gold for use on other Gold features.

If a sitter create a post in the alliance forum, you will see in the signature "posted by sitter name."

Feature "rally point restriction" removed from Travian 4.

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