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Changes on Gold Club and PLUS account features

Gold Club feature "instant recall" removed from Travian 4.

If you are member of the Gold club, evasion comes for free but you can only set evasion for his capital. If evasion is set, the number of possible evasions is infinite.

The “trade route” feature remains part of the Gold club, but instead of charging 2 gold for a weekly “trade route” set there will no longer be a charge in Travian 4. If you are member of the Gold club “trade routes” are free.

You can also edit the receiving village for a “trade route” now.

Sorting messages and reports by date is now available for everyone.

The options to not receive trade reports between own villages and from/to other player’s villages is now available for everyone.

Plus Account feature "waiting loop" does not delay the following building by 60 seconds any more.

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