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Troops - Catapult

CatapultPrerequisites for research: Workshop level 10, Academy level 15
Prerequisites for training: Workshop

The Catapult is an excellent long-range weapon; it is used to destroy the fields and buildings of enemy villages. However, without escorting troops, it is almost defenceless so don't forget to send some of your troops with it.

Having a high level rally point makes your catapults more accurate and gives you the option to target additional enemy buildings. With a level 10 rally point each building except for the cranny, stonemason's lodge and trapper can be targeted.
HINT: Catapults CAN hit crannies, trappers or stonemason's lodges when they target randomly.

With a level 20 rally point two buildings can be targeted at the same time. You just need to attack with at least 20 catapults to be able to choose two targets.

  Lumber Clay Iron Crop Consumption Research time
Research 5500 4900 5000 520 / 8:00:00
Training 900 1200 600 60 6 2:30:00
Velocity 3 Fields per hour
Can carry 0 Resources

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