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The Natars

The Natars

NatarThe Natars are a pure NPC tribe and thus cannot be played by oneself

The construction times in the Natarian villages are half of that of a normal village.

Independent Natarian Villages

Unlike oases, independent Natarian villages are not located on the map right from the start. Instead, they will gradually spawn all over the map.

Independent Natarian villages are like regular villages in terms of production. They increase their resource fields and construct new buildings. They will also build troops once in a while. Unlike oases, those troops are built regularly in barracks or in stables and will not spawn instantly.

Players can raid, attack and chief independent Natarian villages. However, players may not send reinforcements to the villages; Travian will prevent that automatically. If a player uses their catapults to reduce the population to zero, the independent Natarian village will vanish from the map like regular villages.

The independent Natarian villages will not attack or send reinforcements to another player or other Natarian villages. At least not in Travian 4.0, but their artificial intelligence might be improved in a later Travian 4.x version. They might be able to reinforce other Natarian villages or even to attack players, but that upgrade is nothing more than an idea currently.

The Natarian tribe does not count as a player. So attacking an independent Natarian village will not cancel the beginners protection of a player.

Wonder of the World villages

All Wonder of the World villages are located in the center of the map right from the start of the server.  (On T4.4 servers, only some of the Wonder of the World villages in the gray area.) If you take a look on the map, you will see a gray area in the center. That is the area controlled by the Natarian tribe. No player will spawn in that area during account creation.

Settling in the grey area is dangerous. The Natarian tribe will launch several attacking waves with catapults in an attempt to destroy the new village. If your village survives those attacks, no further attacks will follow.

Villages located in that area do not produce any culture points. So if a player settles in that area and survives the attacks, that village will not produce any culture points, regardless of the buildings the player may build.

Natarian villages containing an artefact

Unlike Wonder of the World villages, Natarian villages containing an artefact are not located on the map right from the start of the server. The villages will spawn randomly after several month.

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