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Normal map

The map can be reached by clicking the third circle of the top menu. There you can see your neighborhood and can interact with it in several ways. In order to actually do so you have to click a village and then one of the two options. On the right side of the village's detail page you can see additional information about the owner, e.g. his/her alliance or if you or one of your alliance mates has attacked or scouted this village before. You can move the map around by left click and hold with the mouse and then move around.
Furthermore you can directly enter coordinates to move directly to your destination.

Whilst in an Alliance

Once you join an alliance, the borders of different villages will change color. The colors corresponding to the following:
- Yellow: This is one of your villages.
- Dark blue: This village belongs to a member of your alliance.
- Green: This villages belongs to a player who is a member of an alliance your alliance is confederated with.
- Light blue: The owner of this village is part of an alliance that has a NAP (non aggression pact) with your alliance.
- Black border: Your alliance is at war with the alliance of the owner of this village
- Red: The owner of this village has no diplomatic relations with your alliance.

**Please note: With the map-marking features available in T4, it is possible to override these default colors.  Alliance leaders may give permission to themselves and to others to be able to change the colors seen on the map by members of the entire alliance.  Thus, if the village outlines do not appear the way you expect based on the above description, always double-check Alliance tabs in the Outline box to make certain someone in the alliance hasn't used their own color outlining system to mark the maps of everyone in the alliance.

Big map (Travian Plus-Feature)

The big map can be viewed via the same menu button as the normal map.
The big map works the same as the normal one - you simply see more tiles at once.

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