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3. How can I put my own items up for an auction?

You are already at the auction page?

Very good. Now click on the little tab called "Sell":


To sell an item just click on the item you want to sell. The system now offers you to sell the maximum amount you have available from this item:


You can change the number of items you want to sell now and afterwards have to confirm the selling:


Now you see the item you sell listed in the table above the items you own:


As long as no one bidded for your item you are still able to cancel the selling by clicking on the red x in front of the line:


In the case no player buys your item(s), the system will buy it for the initial price (for example, it will pay 100 Silver for a helmet or 1 Silver for an ointment).

Please note that Geldings cannot be sold.

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